What is Community Engagement?

Community engagement is the planned process where Derwent Valley Council works together with the community to help shape decisions or actions, achieve common goals, and foster relationships built on trust, goodwill and respect.

Community engagement helps to inform Council’s decision-making process, ensuring that the final decisions made by the Council are well-informed, and consider the views of stakeholders and the community.

Effective community engagement is the basis for understanding decisions, sharing perspectives, improving outcomes, and building trust between Council, the community and other partners.

Derwent Valley Council is committed effective engagement with its community and stakeholders on issues that affect them.

Council's Engagement Framework

Our Community Engagement Framework was adopted by Council in November 2021, and provides a structure for the way in which we deliver community engagement activities and embrace community input to help inform Council decision making.

The framework allows us to improve our community engagement practice. It provides a standard process for community engagement in projects to be delivered. This will assist with managing stakeholder expectations, and will lead to more informed decision making.

Your Say Derwent Valley Engagement Platform this site

Your Say Derwent Valley (yoursay.derwentvalley.tas.gov.au) is our digital engagement platform where we provide access to information on projects, plans and strategies, and promote opportunities for you to have your say (both online and offline) on issues that matter to you.

We highly recommend you register to become a Your Say member so you can provide feedback and participate in the activities on the platform, however you can also provide feedback via email and post if you prefer.